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Marketing services

Fusion marketingAll companies need to market themselves to avoid standing still and it’s even more important for those who want to grow. But often it’s hard for businesses to know what will be effective: is social media the key or will print advertising work better? Does their website communicate the right messages and how do they make sure customers actually visit it? Our partner Fusion Creative Marketing takes a practical approach to these and many more aspects, spending time understanding the aims and goals of the business then recommending and implementing good value marketing that will work.


Contractual and commercial services for your bids

Devant contract specialistsIn today’s commercial environment, many of the ITTs received by our clients include onerous contract terms. In responding, you must decide whether to (a) accept them as they are, with potentially huge risk to your business, or (b) push back on the more risky terms and consequently ‘vote’ your company off the shortlist.

Fortunately for Bid Dynamics’ clients, we partner with commercial contract specialists, Devant, who advise our clients on the pitfalls hidden in the tender terms. Pragmatic and commercially savvy, Devant’s consultants highlight the risks and issues and advise on their realistic impact to your business. They work with you to look at other ways of mitigating risks so as to minimise your ‘non-compliant’ responses to the contract terms, and help you negotiate on those points that you are unable to accept.


Facilities Management

Bid Dynamics delivers expert facilities management bid support, bid management and proposal writing with FM
Expert helping companies achieve success in a range of sectors, particularly education and construction – and delivering innovative, cost-effective Total Facilities Management programmes.



Bid graphics 

Everyone is always asking who does the brilliant bid graphics and covers we provide – that is down to the team at Accent ADC and here’s how to find them and more examples of their work. Accent also created and designed many of the graphics on this site and in our marketing collateral.


Executive and management coaching

pharos_logo-jpegOur coaching and mentoring team is backed up by expert support from Brian Light, who specialises in working with businesses that are serious about improving the individual and collective performance of ALL their people.  Brian has a talent for building teams and his methodology uses the successful PHAROSCOACH programmes based on helping senior management to work smarter.  As Brian says: “The principles of coaching remain the same whether you’re a business person or a sports person. A coach is there to ensure you deliver to your full potential. They provide a unique, objective, external view on you and your business performance against your competition, providing support, guidance and advice. And they offer this when you are performing well AND when you are performing badly.”


Financial Services technology sector – international business development

IBL Tony FergusonBid Dynamics is the bidding services partner to International Business Links IBL helps technology companies create and expand their global networks across the Financial Services Sector, whether it’s banking, insurance or bancassurance.  With a proven track record of success in international business development, from the initial development of your international strategy to articulating sustainable market propositions, IBL’s experienced technology specialists work to mould your core offering into an attractive international proposition, differentiated for each target theatre.