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Bid Dynamics is the place for proposal people. It’s about the
highest-quality proposal and tender  writing, bid strategy and planning, bid management and proposal support services.  Our focus goes from the basics (“Don’t fail the Q&A”) through to a high-level assessment of whether your bids really mean business. 

So – proposal people, now you’re here: what drives and inspires us?  What motivates us to win?  What have we learned from years of working on proposals, pitches and tenders?  Finally getting away from the traditional focus on process improvement and re-engineering, bid automation and methodologies, we’re looking instead at the people who are central to winning business. It’s people who challenge the status quo, write the best proposals, create best practice and drive ‘next practice’.  It’s people (us) who win bids!

We have always said you can’t commoditise proposal professionals: the future isn’t about products or software, it’s about the people!  

Winning Bid HI-RESIf you’re looking for a bidding-by-numbers guide, process diagrams or a downloadable collection of career-best checklists, thanks for stopping by but… there’s nothing for you here. If you’re looking for a celebration of proposal professionals, an in-depth understanding of bid management and proposal development from the real experts and the essential guidance on how to be/find an excellent bid manager or proposal writer, this is the place for you.

The proposal specialists we work with include bid directors, bid managers, Proposal Centre managers, subject matter experts, skilled strategists, storyboarders, proposal and tender writers, proof-readers, editors, reviewers, document managers, red-teamers, leadership and teamwork facilitators, presentation skills trainers, graphics and design experts, plus a fitness trainer and osteopath to keep you fit for bidding – and someone who knows how to fix the printer (or will recommend a better one).

The whole proposal world is here!  Welcome aboard.

Call us to discuss your requirements, or post an enquiry on our Contact Us page and let’s talk (confidentially)!

If you need bid writers, reviewers, editors or bid managers right now, our Rapid Response team is on call and ready to deliver – phone or mail our duty managers (Sharon on 07876 228 254/Craig on 07879 486 116) and have one of our experts assigned to help you.     

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When they asked Michaelangelo how he created the statue of David, he said:

“It’s easy – you just chip away the bits that don’t look like David.”

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