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Delivering and supporting your proposal centre 

With a proposal centre – whether it’s a physical or virtual facility – you centralise aspects of proposal and tender preparation and production, enabling you to share and propagate best practice, enhance accuracy, quality and compliance in your proposals and improve efficiency and knowledge-sharing across your organisation.

The benefits of a proposal centre are based on three key elements to support and enhance proposal production:

  1. A secure, confidential environment for the bid team with access to best practice bid support tools, libraries, materials and services
  2. The provision of added value to bids through assistance with bid planning and storyboarding, theme and content development, bid and presentation writing, proof-reading, editing and reviewing, compiling and updating best practice libraries and ensuring compliance with corporate legal, commercial, quality and presentation standards.
  3. Depending on the type and volumes of bids produced, proposal centres can incorporate dedicated or outsourced production facilities. 

A physical proposal centre can be simply a meeting room kitted out with enhanced facilities to support bid teams, through to dedicated high-spec, high-tech, custom-designed facilities with production and collation rooms, contract libraries, kitchen and shower-rooms!  We’ve site surveyed, spec’d, designed, commissioned and fitted out all different types of facility and our expert team can advise how to make the best of any space you want to use. With our facilities management partner FMExpert we can help you devise and implement a targeted proposal centre facility strategy.   

If physical facilities aren’t practicable or necessary for your bidding environment, maybe your proposal centre is going to be a virtual service, with centralised Intranet portals, libraries and repositories of best practice materials, guidelines, tools and checklists for high quality bid production. Our team has enormously wide-ranging experience in setting up these services and can advise on best practice in compiling and updating all the materials and supporting tools you will need.  

Whichever way you set it up, your proposal centre can work on two levels.  It can simply be about centralising content creation resources and production, taking away from the bid manager the responsibility of worrying about content sourcing, bid production and delivery.  This enables bid managers and subject matter experts to focus on their core skills of developing the messages and content for the bid, improving efficiency and productivity.  Beyond that, however, the proposal centre can focus on delivering added-value services, enhancing the quality of the proposal and client presentation and helping to develop bid management and bid support skills. 

Helping define what you need – business case, ROI, value

If you are not sure which type of facility or service to implement for your environment, we can help with business case preparation and assessment of ROI and longer term value assessments.

Management and staff for your Centre – selection, induction, training and development

The Bid Dynamics team can also support you with:

  • Proposal Centre manager and staff selection and induction, including placing interim staff to support you through the process of building your team.
  • Preparation of job descriptions and induction programmes
  • Proposal Centre manager and staff training and development, including document management training
  • Bid manager and bid team training and development programmes.

Relevant, accurate, up-to-date libraries to support your proposals

The key point about library information, whether on-line or in hard copy, is that you need a cohesive strategy for verifying the validity and currency of the information.  It is not sufficient to provide “last update” dates as a document may be old but still current in terms of validity.  It needs to have been verified by the ‘owner’ as being accurate and up-to-date, so that users can rely on it. We can develop and implement the most appropriate approach for you depending on the type of information your users need for bids and the associated review and update requirements. This can range from the corporate qualification materials you need for PQQs and early stage bids through to technical and performance data, case studies, success stories and reference site information, all of which may need validation or account manager approval before being re-used in new bids.

Contact us today for a confidential discussion about the type of help you need to set up or enhance your proposal centre or proposal support organisation.  You’ll reach us by phone on 020 8582 2513 or send an enquiry through our Contact page and we will call you.    


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