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Let’s start at the very beginning…

At the risk of creating one of those annoying ‘earworms’ that you can’t get out of your head for the rest of the day, here’s how Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music singing “Let’s start at the very beginning – it’s a very good place to start” epitomises best practice in your bid development AND how to work with us for your bid support….

Yes of course we can help you at whatever stage you present your bid to us. Our Proposal Rescue Service is there for a reason!  And it gets an awful lot of emergency call-outs….

BUT…. there’s a better way!  Starting with us from ‘the very beginning’ can actually be more cost-effective for your bid overall.  It can save you considerable time and money internally AND externally if your writers are tasked and targeted properly from the start.  Assuming they will follow a storyboard or bid plan correctly just because you wrote one has caused more rewrites than anything else.

Having us to facilitate your bid kick-off and storyboarding/planning sessions gives you, as the bid manager/director, time and space to think, plan and listen properly to your team, while our experts lead the meeting and make sure nothing is forgotten or left out.

Having our experts examine the ITT/RFP before you set the writing tasks means that you aren’t the only person in your bid team who will have read the whole thing…. Moreover, it gives you the benefit of specialist objective knowledge and experience that can spot the pitfalls or traps you might just miss while you’re busy doing everything else to get the bid underway. Just having that expertise on your side at the start can save considerable time and expense later on, not just on the proposal development but also in setting up the document management, production and delivery logistics plans correctly from the start.

Our team are also expert at identifying which writers and bid team contributors will need more help in preparing their material and helping you provide that assistance from early on, not when they are floundering halfway through and demand all your restorative and remedial effort just when you don’t have time to give it.

Having us with you for the early stages also means we can schedule our key writers and reviewers when they will add most value – and can also arrange to be part of your red team providing that vital objective assessment with your internal reviewers.

All these reasons and more are why it’s best to bring us in early. It’s not about us needing to be with you at all times throughout the bid, although of course we can if you want that. It’s about making sure your bid starts and develops properly. And it’s about enabling you to plan more precisely what you will need and when you will need it, which of course can save you time and expense overall.  As I said earlier (‘at the very beginning’, in fact!).  See?  Told you that was a good place to start!

By the way, apparently the antidote to earworms is to sing the old favourite ‘Happy Birthday to you’ a few times.  Feel free to try that, if Julie Andrews’ voice is already embedded in your brain. Although she was right of course – the very beginning is definitely the best place to start… with us on your team.