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Bid Dynamics is about delivering excellent proposals through excellent bid teams – and our unique ethos of ENDURING VALUE in everything we do. 

The experienced Bid Dynamics team provides end-to-end support for bids and tenders, from qualification through to award communications, including bid writing, bid team support and coaching, compliance and quality checks, proof-reading, editing and preparing for tender presentations.

Helping you prepare for qualification, particularly for public sector local authority and NHS tenders: “Don’t fail the Q&A” – let’s make sure you have everything ready for pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs), from corporate details to policies, testimonials, product and service overviews and case studies: everything in place to evidence your story.
Direct support to bid managers and bid teams: Mentoring, coaching, shadowing bid managers and sales managers; preparing/rehearsing presentation teams; individual progress reviews.
Direct support to bids and presentations: Support on site or remotely for proposal and presentation planning, development and delivery covering ITT assessment, bid strategy, writing/editing proposals and presentations, storyboarding, proof-reading and reviews.
Best practice bid materials: Helping you develop libraries of good quality, compliant and current proposal and tender content
Continuous improvement reviews: To plan, implement and assess the impact of improvement activities, analyse win rates, client feedback and all aspects of your bidding strategy and delivery.

From countries bidding for Olympic Games to companies bidding for major contracts, politicians pitching for votes and the smallest start-ups writing their first tender: everyone’s bidding for something. Sometimes winning, sometimes not. And always looking to improve.  

Proposal people are often forgotten in the sales dynamic.  So what inspires and drives them? What helps them develop and improve?  Books about bidding tend to talk about improving bid processes or proposal documents.  You’ll find no end of guidance on proposal strategy, planning, themes, structure, presentation and layout. But where’s the focus on people – the  people working the long hours to develop the winning sales story under pressure in the proposal hot-house…  Those are our people!   

After 30 years helping clients across the world understand the importance of the right environment for their proposal people, we still come across weary, disillusioned and resentful proposal professionals who don’t feel supported, valued or nurtured.  We are here for you! 

Gather proposal people together and they will moan about software and version control and printers that die in the night – those are the mechanics of their world yet these are the things that come to define them.  It’s time to change that, to focus the discussion back on the people who matter.  

We want to move the discussion and the industry forward. That’s why the Bid Dynamics team is here.  When your proposals need improvement, you want to talk to bidding specialists, not be sold to by ‘business development’ people.  With Bid Dynamics, the only people you will hear from are bidding experts.  

Enduring value
In every proposal you are promoting your win themes and key messages that tell clients and prospects why they should work with you. Those messages need to come through all your communications. So when we are improving your bid materials it’s never just for the one bid or one set of outputs;  we will be assessing everything and everywhere you communicate.  The enduring value for you is to receive a full range of materials that work across every aspect of your business to tell your story.

This site is for you and about you. With Bid Dynamics, your bids are in good hands…

Sharon Pink



Sharon Pink
Founder, Bid Dynamics

Bid Dynamics is the bidding excellence division of Screen Idol Ltd

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