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With Bid Dynamics®, you tailor-make individual and team development services, workshops, support programmes and training from our range of services and ‘power workshops’ targeted directly at your bidding weak spots.

All Bid Dynamics® services can be delivered for individuals or teams, at your company locations, at times to suit you, and are based around your company’s bids.  Bid Dynamics® programmes cover a range of hard and soft skill areas with a core focus on fast fix and long-term change and improvement.   Below are some examples from our portfolio of support services and workshop sessions.  To book any of the services or to discuss your requirements in complete confidence, call today on 020 8582 2513.

Understanding your clients and prospects
Finding out what your client wants – and what to do with it when you know
The buying centre – who’s buying and what are they looking for from your proposal?
Shall we read the ITT – or shall we just proceed in hope without it?  (Hey, we know what they want…)
What can you solve for this client, in this procurement?
What needs fixing?
Don’t forget the mousetrap syndrome: no-one wants a more sophisticated mousetrap, they simply want no mice. What exactly are you offering?
What Maslow might say about your solution

Team dynamics
Move to high performance faster
Don’t avoid conflict – how bickering can make better bids!
“Whose bid is it anyway?” How sales people impact/influence bid teams

Leading and managing bid teams
Leadership skills
People development
The specific pressures of the bid team management task
Developing people constructively: don’t take it personally, take it seriously
“From project to bid” – new service for project managers moving into bid management. 

Who wants this business most?
Knowing who you’re up against
Competing effectively

Having a plan – preferably before the bid goes in?
Why proposal content and layout planning should really matter to you and how do it well
Chaos is a habit – you can break it
Bid Dynamics Proposal Flatplan

Sales and branding in your proposals
Don´t forget to sell!
Remember the value of your brand
Don’t compete with yourself

Proposal writing isn’t a foreign language
How to tell the story you want your clients to buy
Understand what your written style and content say about you

Why the executive summary isn’t a summary
The executive decision makers’ briefing
Why it’s more important than anything else you submit

Powerful presentations and personal impact
People buy from people – who´s selling and why should anyone buy from you?

Learning the lessons
Why you win/don’t win
What that says about your value proposition
What’s missing and how do you fill in the gaps?

Fit to bid
Assessing how your bid teams work for maximum effectiveness and health
Beyond the pizza run – “eat for the long day” – nutritional guidance for bid teams
Are we sitting comfortably? Working on laptops, working on the move – trains, planes and automobiles – the essential guide to healthy working for proposal professionals.