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Communications plans

Transforming your bid narrative into effective PR and promotional communications

The Bid Dynamics team includes experienced business journalists and PR professionals who can help you translate your proposal content into compelling narrative to support the contract award and transition/mobilisation communications plans.  We have experience in developing and implementing a wide range of operational communications plans to cover the contract and service roll-out, tailored to each delivery phase and stakeholder/user group.

From corporate communications and web site content to press releases, supplier and management profiles, project and service profiles, the Bid Dynamics team is best placed to know where the best parts of your proposal submission are and how to transfer them into effective, well-written contract and project communications.

The Media Dynamics comms experts can also help you with the essential stakeholder mapping, messaging, event planning, Q&A development, developing presentations and rehearsing your key presenters!

We also partner with experts in media training, graphics, branding and reputation management – the whole PR and marcomms world is covered!  And you thought you were just writing a bid…..!