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Leading bid teams

The Leading Bid Teams training programmes and workshops from Bid Dynamics explore all aspects of the bid manager’s role in serving potentially competing internal and external interests, including managing the technical, commercial and sales specialists and third party contributors.   These training programmes include a range of follow-up mentoring, coaching and individually-targeted assessment reviews after the training, tailored to the bid manager’s role and personal development programme.  Leading Bid Teams programmes are suited to all levels of bid manager, from newly-appointed to long-established and project/programme managers moving into bid management.  All programmes typically include a focus on: 

What makes a good bid manager?  What are you responsible for?  What authority do you have?

What is expected of you – behaviours/attitudes/team management and development?

What facilities, services and resources are available to you?  What’s missing?  Where and how do you get the help you need?

What works well and what doesn’t?  

When does bid management work best?  How do you make sure that happens more often than not?

Who can change things? Your role in leading/influencing/effecting change within your own organisation’s bidding context.

Leading your first bid 

Defining the approach

Working with your team

Understanding the boundaries

Growing yourself as a leader and team manager

Coaching the bid team

Anticipating/managing/optimising conflict within the bid team, with other departments; the impacts of internal/external influences. 

Tools/techniques, including The Leadership Equation; Thomas-Kilmann, Tuckman, The Three Levels of Leadership.