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Measuring success in your proposal centre

Your Proposal Centre or Bid Support Organisation – Essential Tracking and Analytics

If you have a new, established or mature proposal centre or bid support organisation, how much value is it delivering to your company? How well does it support and promote your company’s win themes? Are you asking the right questions to know if your people and your organisation are adding value in the right way?

Contact us for your essential Proposal Centre Tracking and Analytics assessment.  We work with you to show you the best practice key characteristics of a proposal centre and bid support organisation, assessing the critical success factors and risks, and the major activities expected of your organisation, such as tracking bid activity, marketing and promotional communications, intranet portals and information repositories.

Your company needs dynamic bids created by dynamic bid teams. You want your bid teams writing proposals and presentations that make your clients and prospects want to buy from you and no-one else. You want your teams developing winning bids with repeatable, transferable, best practice techniques.

So do your proposals mean business? Your proposal centre or bid support organisation was designed to make sure that happens, so talk to us today for your essential analytics guide to best practice proposal centres.

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