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Proposal Rescue Services

When the bid hits trouble …..
or the
going gets tough and  the tough get up and go…
You need…
Proposal Rescue services from the Bid Dynamics team

No matter how detailed your planning and preparation might be, sometimes the worst just happens.
Sometimes the bid descends into chaos and recrimination.
Sometimes a key team member can’t deliver or won’t deliver.
Sometimes you lose your bid manager temporarily or permanently.
Sometimes the client goal-posts change so dramatically that you struggle to respond.
Sometimes the solution needs a complete rethink, without the time for that

Whatever the reason, your bid’s in trouble and the team needs help…

You need rapid-response, fast-fix expert assistance.  Maybe you need to know where things have gone wrong; maybe you need an objective view on where conflict is arising and how to calm it; maybe you just need some help to complete the immediate tasks.   Talk to Bid Dynamics now for….

  • The experts who can put your team and your proposal back on track
  • As much or as little help as you need
  • Experienced, reliable professionals to help you cover for resourcing and skills gaps, planned or unexpected absences
  • From a simple review of where you are and how best to clear any bottlenecks that are holding up progress, through to full bid management services or shadowing/mentoring your bid managers

Daily, weekly, ad-hoc and fixed-price rates to suit all budgets.

Do your proposals mean business?  Bid Dynamics can help.