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Public sector tendering

Tendering for public sector work – expert advice and guidance

Are you fully prepared for all the public sector opportunities out there?  All the policies and procedures in place that you need?  Don’t get caught out – the Bid Dynamics team has experts across the UK who are fully experienced in helping companies of all sizes prepare for these types of bids and can help you put in place everything you need, painlessly!

And definitely don’t  assume you are too small, too niche or too inexperienced to tender for this type of work.  Not only can we help and support you all the way, but we also many clients looking for small specialist providers to help boost their own product and service portfolio and enable them to bid for a wider range of contracts, particularly in the facilities management and IT sectors.  So if public sector tendering wasn’t part of your growth and expansion plans, maybe it should be.  And if it’s core to your development programme, talk to us about that too – we’ll give you an objective, impartial assessment of how you go to market and where you may need to enhance your value proposition.