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Bid Dynamics #bidsensible programme

Being bidsensible means

Knowing why a digital clock is wrong for your bid room …

Knowing that the key to great proposal editing is ‘delete the words that dilute you’

Being grown-up about proposal planning and storyboarding (not saying ‘We didn’t have time’)

Knowing why your previous bids were successful (not just why some lost) if you want to keep winning in future

Knowing that change means a lot more than process improvement or software: it’s the specialist people who win bids for you

Knowing that hyphens in the right place really do help keep your readers with you for longer 

Knowing that it’s not the hours, even if you love pizza. It’s the outcomes that count.

Knowing that 90% of your bid effort is internal – only 10% is ever seen by the client.  So where is YOUR focus going to go today… 

And of course being #bidsensible means you need us…. !

“Working with Bid Dynamics has created a growth platform for our business which has elevated our stature in the FM arena and allowed us to compete against our much larger rivals whilst retaining our core values and culture; utilising Bid Dynamics skills we have successfully transferred this message to a wider and targeted clientele who appreciate and welcome our customer focused approach and passion for relationship building. We look forward to growing our fantastic working partnership with them.”   Simon O’Shea, Managing Director,  One Facility Ltd