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Persuasive Proposal Writing

Course objective

The aim of the course is to enable delegates to write proposals and presentations that are right for each client or prospect, using language that is appropriate, engaging and persuasive and presenting bid content that is easy to evaluate.

Programme structure and content

In view of the scope and depth of topics covered and to ensure that all delegates are given sufficient opportunity to practise the skills and techniques, we have devised this as a two-day programme.  It can, however, work equally well as a shorter programme depending on the skill and proficiency levels of your bid writers and contributors!

Pre-course: in addition to preparing delegates for the course, pre-course work closely associated and integrated with corporate information libraries and proposal support Intranet portals (where these are available) will enhance awareness of the bid support materials available to bid teams.
Post-course work, specifically designed to aid workplace transfer, will help to maximise your return on investment and embed the training principles and content throughout your organisation.

With a mix of facilitator-led discussions, inputs and exercises, our expert team takes delegates through

What do we need to read about the client before any writing should commence?

Why should we focus so much on the client’s writing style?  

Write for your client and right for your  client….

The clue is in the question….

Reader/evaluator styles – who’s reading/who’s buying

Structuring your writing to support fast engagement and decision-making

Making boilerplate your own

Writing styles

The blockers to compelling proposal writing 

Word choice/word spin

Signposting and showcasing

Readability meets writeability ….. yes we can!

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