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Proposal Impact Review

Do your proposals mean business?

You know that when it comes to securing additional and future business, the most important document your company produces is a sales proposal.  So how well do your proposals represent your value proposition and really sell for you?  What impact do they have – initial impact/lasting impact?

Bid Dynamics proposal strategists specialise in improving the impact of sales proposals for companies of all sizes.

We´re not talking hints-and-tips, do´s-and-don´ts or libraries of `how to respond to tenders´ material.  As you know, that sort of generic advice is available all over the Internet these days.

Where we add real value to your proposals is impact assessment and improvement.

This is a specialist, high-level, confidential service.  We assess a representative sample of your recent proposals, identifying weak spots and improvement requirements in respect of

  • direct client engagement
  • articulating your value proposition
  • the solutions you are proposing
  • win themes and key messages
  • responsiveness to client requirements
  • style and language
  • overall impact.

Following our review, we meet with you and your senior executives to give you a confidential and constructive assessment on the impact of your proposals.  If you want us to rework and improve the documents to provide a benchmark for future proposals, we will do that too.

Your proposals are high-value. They also represent a significant cost to develop and produce; and so they should.  After all, they are the means to securing future business; and therefore to securing the future of your business. They need to deliver and sustain maximum impact.

Do your proposals mean business?  And can you afford not to know?

The Bid Dynamics proposal impact review is a fixed price, confidential service.  Call today for details on 020 8582 2513.