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 Are you fit to bid or fit to drop – we worry about you out there!  From breathing properly to sitting properly to eating properly – proposal work can be tough and intense (if you’re doing it right!), so it’s important to look after yourself in order to inspire great solutions and great writing. 

Announcing FIT TO BID, the unique health and well-being programme for proposal professionals

  • Intense work for days and nights on end to meet deadlines…?
  • Cooped up with people you may not like that much….?
  • Missed meals or stodgy takeaway food…. little or no exercise…?
  • Dealing with technology that may let you down when you need it most…?
  • ….where your career futures can depend on your collective outputs winning,
    over and over again?

….Stressed?  Surely not!
Where did you sign up for all that in the job description? You need a pretty strong and resilient constitution to be able to cope.  The smarter proposal professionals are working a better strategy….

FIT TO BID from Bid Dynamics is a programme that focuses on your health and wellbeing during and after proposal work.  Our expert health and fitness partners know how proposal work can impact your system and are sharing their expertise and guidance to help you manage better in this and future bids.

Teaming up with Lee Janogly – diet coach and author; Andrew Kailou – personal trainer; and Emma Shanahan – osteopath, the Fit to Bid programme focuses on:

  • Assessing how bid teams work for maximum effectiveness and health
  • Beyond the pizza run – real proposal people know how to “eat for the long day” – making better food choices
  • ‘Trains, planes & automobiles’ – laptops, Blackberries, iPhones, Notebooks mean everyone can work on the move or at home, but are you sitting comfortably?  Our experts will help you arrange your working environment for maximum comfort and minimal stress, and show you the exercises and stretches to do so you don’t have to be unfolded by the medics at the end of a bid!

FIT TO BID from Bid Dynamics
The essential guide to healthy working for proposal professionals.

To book an individual or team Fit to Bid assessment or to discuss your requirements in complete confidence, call today on 020 8582 2513 or email