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When it comes to preparing the battleground for winning, even today we can we look to the ancient writings of Sun Tzu, the legendary Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher, whose influential work The Art of War addresses our most modern of proposal requirements:

 “A great general establishes his position where he cannot be defeated.
A great commander first develops a strong organisation.
In this way he effectively manages those factors which are critical to his success or failure.”

The Bid Dynamics organisation development experts can help you assess and enhance skills and competence levels within your existing team, identify core capability gaps and plan to resolve them effectively, in accordance with your corporate sales and business growth strategies.  

Strategy From your corporate business plan and targets through to examining how your bid teams interact with sales, finance, quality and other supporting functions in your company.
Optimising the bid organisation Understanding wider industry changes and trends in your target markets and the implications for proposal and tender preparation, design, delivery and evaluation, so that you optimise your organisation now and for the future.
Organisation structure Determining the optimum organisation structure for your bidding context; the combination of bid leadership/management, content development and administration/production. Defining roles, reporting lines, compensation and incentivisation packages, appraisal and management.
Assessing the skills, experience and capability requirements for every role in the bid team, from bid leaders and bid managers (a very different role from project management) to bid planners, subject matter experts, bid writers, editors and proof-readers (again very different activities), reviewers and production staff.
Career pathways Personal and professional training and development requirements, career progression in bid management and leadership.
Proposal Centres and facilities The range of physical and virtual proposal centres and bid support facilities to support and enhance proposal development and production.
Support resources and services Proposal support people and services: including proposal and tender libraries, portals and repositories: identifying, providing and updating the core resources and tools

We all know that the paperless office was going to lead to paperless proposals. Email and electronic communications were going to revolutionise every aspect of office life, including bidding.  With e-procurement, e-auctions, bid portals and document-sharing in the Cloud, the days of printing and binding sales proposals were to be consigned to history.  As was the need for administrative and secretarial staff for your bids.

You probably reflect on the predictions for the paperless office whenever you go through pages of printed bids before they go into the envelope for delivery to the client.  Or whenever you’re ordering reams of paper and complaining about the cost of print cartridges.  And whenever you look for support staff to help with your proposal development or production.

That brave new paperless world didn’t materialise – but many companies did reorganise assuming they no longer needed as many support staff, administrative or secretarial people.  Has the pendulum swung too far?  Have you ended up with highly-paid, highly-qualified bid managers and bid team members doing basic research, information-gathering, document prep, production and checking for all levels of bid even from PQQ stage?

Cost-effective?  Optimising critical skills?  Maximising your client communications?  No, no and no.
Time for a rethink?  Indeed….

If this sounds like your bid support organisation, we should be talking.  

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When they asked Michaelangelo how he created the statue of David, he said:

“It’s easy – you just chip away the bits that don’t look like David.”

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