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From project to bid

If you’re a project manager, ever been pitched in to run a bid because your management assumes you can?  As a bid team member, ever had to teach bid management to a project manager completely out of his depth?  Thought so.  We see it everywhere.  Good project managers can of course become effective bid managers – with help, with training, with coaching, but not usually by osmosis.

While there are many parallels between the roles, they aren’t the same.

Different pressures, different team management and team dynamics issues, different corporate and client expectations, different boundaries and measures of authority and accountability all come into play.  Some really strong project managers may never have worked on bids and need to understand the fundamentals; others may understand the bidding environment as a bid team contributor but need coaching and assistance to make the leap to effective bid manager and leader.

This customised workshop, From Project to Bid, is designed to help your best project managers become your most effective bid managers.

You need strong, effective, bid managers to make sure your bids win.  Help your best project managers get to that level, with “From Project to Bid” workshops and coaching programmes from Bid Dynamics.

When they asked Michaelangelo how he created the statue of David, he said:

“It’s easy – you just chip away the bits that don’t look like David.”

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