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integration services

Integration services

Merging or relocating companies, divisions, country or sector organisations – and running a full pipeline of bids?
Make sure you have the expert support as you go…..yes of course we can help!

One of the greatest challenges for any bid organisation is keeping bid and proposal development running steadily while the company goes through a merger, acquisition or major relocation.  Whether you are staying as a self-contained division within the new company or undergoing a full integration of people and processes, with or without the complications of a physical move, your bid deadlines don’t care what’s going on around you…and the potential for disruption is huge throughout.  

We have led and supported bid teams and proposal centres through probably every permutation of this challenge.  We know you need to make sure your people feel supported throughout, while minimising disruption to bid preparation and delivery.   

Our comprehensive change management and communications programmes are designed to make sure every aspect of the merger or integration is covered so nothing is missed.  This takes into account all current and upcoming bids to help you resource these effectively and maintain core quality and delivery standards throughout.  We can provide skilled and experienced resources to cover every role in the bid or integration team.  

Our HR and organisational development (OD) experts help you assess the existing bid support organisations and teams to prepare for a merger or integration, identifying and putting in place the optimum organisation for the new company and operating environment.  We help assess skills and competencies to identify skills gaps and training needs to bring people up to the levels required and our targeted integration services include coaching and mentoring in live bids to bring the new teams together.  

Our bidding strategy experts help you assess and align bid development, planning and storyboarding processes to take the best practices from each participating organisation and create new processes incorporating best industry practice and trends too.  We help you go through and update bid portals and document libraries to make sure the base materials for all bids are accurate, relevant and current for the new organisation.  Where bids need to use new branding and styles our document managers help train your teams on new and updated templates so that you can concentrate on the highest quality content development, confident that the presentation and outputs are covered.

With our logistics, facilities management and relocation experts, any size of move can be planned and delivered as smoothly and seamlessly as possible with full support for your people and your bids, wherever you need the help most….    

With the experienced Bid Dynamics team supporting you through any corporate or divisional merger and integration, you can be confident that we have done this all before and nothing will faze us!  Ready to move…?  We’re with you….   


When they asked Michaelangelo how he created the statue of David, he said:

“It’s easy – you just chip away the bits that don’t look like David.”

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