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What a great story our client had to tell.  Strong focus on employee engagement, apprenticeships, really good tailored personal and professional development programmes for all staff.  So, we said, if we’re going to write this up into your bid, where is all the information we need?  Is it on your web site somewhere?  On your Intranet?  Or in your recruitment info as an example of how you motivate and support your staff?  Anywhere in fact that we could take the details from?  Heads are shaking around us.  No, it’s not written up anywhere.  But they can tell us more about it so it can go in to the bid.  Sigh…..

It’s no good saving all the good stories for the tender!  Not only will some of your strongest differentiators be invisible where it matters, but if the evaluators then go to your web site to check you out and find no corroborating material there, they may not believe what you put in the bid….  Moreover, if prospective clients want to see what your company does BEFORE they issue their ITT to the businesses they may want to work with, you won’t make the cut because you aren’t telling the story they’re looking for.

Don’t miss out on the deals that should be in your pipeline…..

Whenever you write a bid, or when we write it for you, always assess which parts of it you can take to enhance your web site and other promotional materials.  Similarly, whenever you’re updating your web site, think about which materials you can take from there to make the task easier when you’re writing bids.  While the style and language will be different from a web site to a bid, the base themes and messages must be absolutely and always consistent.  You know it makes sense!


When they asked Michaelangelo how he created the statue of David, he said:

“It’s easy – you just chip away the bits that don’t look like David.”

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