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Planning to win

For all bid managers and bid teams, including extended bid team contributors and subject matter experts – so yes, everyone involved in your bid development and proposal preparation needs this training!

Course aims and objectives

The aim of the course is to enable delegates to develop and communicate dynamic bid plans appropriate for the bid type and circumstances. 

Pre-course preparation

Delegates will be asked to bring along completed bid plans from any bids (excluding any public sector bids requiring SC clearance) they have previously been involved with. 

An abridged RFP will be supplied as part of the pre-course work that will be used as the basis of some of the exercises.

This course also introduces Bid Dynamics comprehensive storyboarding tools for proposals and client presentations.


Main course topics

Why a bid needs a plan

  • Why a bid works better with a plan
  • Where a bid plan starts and stops
  • Identify what good looks like in a bid plan
  • Recognise that the bid plan is about planning to win – not planning to complete a series of tasks

Explore what makes a bid plan effective or ineffective

Making the plan

  • What do you need to know before you start the bid plan?
  • Who should be involved in the planning process?
  • Explore different planning tools highlighting their relative merits
  • Establish the minimum contents of an effective plan (including logistics, resources, activities, milestones and reviews)
  • Define accountabilities associated with the plan and its implementation
  • Identify plan dependencies, interdependencies and critical path

Keeping your plan alive.

Communicating your plan 

What can derail your plan?  Explore the common pitfalls – so you avoid them!

Using your bid plan to help you review and evaluate the final proposal.  



When they asked Michaelangelo how he created the statue of David, he said:

“It’s easy – you just chip away the bits that don’t look like David.”

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