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Bringing the power of storyboarding to your bids

Lots of nonsense is talked about storyboarding in bids, from what to call it and whether some of the names put people off it, through to some bizarre theories about whether bids can work better without storyboards.

We’ll confine ourselves to real life here: you’re not going to build a house without a plan – and probably a framework of scaffolding as you build.  Random brick placement may be creative and potentially stylish but is unlikely to keep you warm, dry, or compliant with building regulations. So let’s not do random section construction or word placement in bids either…..

There’s no mystique about storyboarding: it’s a powerful, effective technique for planning your proposals to make sure you meet the requirements, don’t leave anything out, proactively identify gaps in your offering/capability/skills – and plug them.  Done properly, it makes sure you are consistent across your response, that you don’t contradict yourself in different places and that you describe your key messages and win themes in the right way in the right places.  Fundamentally, storyboarding helps you provide a logical, balanced flow of information through your proposal, leading your reader/evaluator to the conclusion you want them to reach. Moreover, having a considered, structured framework in place that tells everyone what they should be writing also covers you if any key member of the team should become unavailable for any reason, enabling someone else to pick up the thread with confidence that they know what you need at any given part of the bid.

What’s not to like?

Our storyboarding workshops explain everything you need to know, from running the first bid kick-off session (which we can facilitate for you so that you can participate fully with your team) through to the lessons-learned and updating your bid plans for next time.

To complement this training, we have customised storyboard tools to help you on all aspects of proposals and presentations:

Proposal master planner

Proposal flatplan/content outline

Section planner

Presentation master planner

Presentation outline/slide summary

Slide planner

Talk to us today about bringing the power of our storyboarding expertise and customised tools to your proposals and presentations.


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